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Tech Support, PC Support

MICROMAINFRAME delivers a variety of solutions for IT network, hardware and software needs. We've been doing this for 25 years and you can't do that without supporting what you create and sell.
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Application Development

MICRO-MAINFRAME supplies custom software development services in support of those clients needing solutions not available via purchased applications. MICRO-MAINFRAME follows the three tier development process utilizing ASP and ASP.Net.
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IT Management

MICRO-MAINFRAME has expertise with all Microsoft operating systems and communications servers, We support and maintain Windows Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2007 as well as provide extensive support for prior versions and migrations.
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Enterprise Email Hosting

MICRO-MAINFRAME designs and implements IT solutions utilizing a wide range of computing and information technologies and techniques.
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About Micro-Mainframe

About Micro-Mainframe

MICRO-MAINFRAME designs and implements IT solutions utilizing a wide range of computing and information technologies and techniques. Whether your solution requires "off-the-shelf" software or hardware or something unique and custom, MICRO-MAINFRAME is capable and ready to handle your IT needs.


MICRO-MAINFRAME was started in 1983 in Houston, Texas, USA and originally designed, implemented and supported IBM mainframe applications. By 1985, MICRO-MAINFRAME was developing software for the emerging PC market while continuing to support large multi-user mainframe applications. In 1986 MICRO-MAINFRAME installed one of the largest (memory and Disk space) Novell servers in Houston for Exxon. In the 90's, MICRO-MAINFRAME continued to provide custom software across a diverse base of platforms while the Network and PC efforts focused on the Windows Platform for PC's and Servers. The Internet arrived and MICRO-MAINFRAME expanded into that arena offering commercial grade E-Mail, Web Hosting, and Custom services including software development.

Today, MICRO-MAINFRAME continues to provide custom solutions where needed and traditional solutions where required in all areas of interest, be that software or hardware, Lan, Wan, or internet. Opportunities exist in all areas that will continue to require clear, concise, and often unique solutions for which MICRO-MAINFRAME is well suited to be the provider.

Management and Ownership

HMG Information Systems, LLC dba MICRO-MAINFRAME is a privately held LLC in Texas. The president plays an active role in all aspects of the business from consulting to design and implementation.

Mailing Address:
HMG Information Systems, dba Micro-Mainframe
1780 Hughes Landing, Suite 500-2
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Phone: (281) 363-4141


MICRO-MAINFRAME is located in The Woodlands, Texas, USA. The Woodlands provides and excellent place for people to Live, Work, and Play.

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