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Tech Support, PC Support

MICROMAINFRAME delivers a variety of solutions for IT network, hardware and software needs. We've been doing this for 25 years and you can't do that without supporting what you create and sell.
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Application Development

MICRO-MAINFRAME supplies custom software development services in support of those clients needing solutions not available via purchased applications. MICRO-MAINFRAME follows the three tier development process utilizing ASP and ASP.Net.
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IT Management

MICRO-MAINFRAME has expertise with all Microsoft operating systems and communications servers, We support and maintain Windows Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2007 as well as provide extensive support for prior versions and migrations.
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Enterprise Email Hosting

MICRO-MAINFRAME designs and implements IT solutions utilizing a wide range of computing and information technologies and techniques.
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Software Development and Design in Houston, The Woodlands, Texas - MICRO-MAINFRAME

Application & Software Development

MICRO-MAINFRAME supplies custom software and application development services for clients both nationally and local to The Woodlands and Houston, Texas. We support our clients needing software solutions not available via purchased applications, and also assist clients in finding appropriate third party solutions where applicable. MICRO-MAINFRAME follows the three tier application development process utilizing ASP and ASP.Net. Common solutions typically involve IIS web servers, SQL Database servers and custom code which provides the binding force between users and applications and/or data.

MICRO-MAINFRAME has various software toolsets and languages available that can be utilized for your application needs. Additonally, we have the experience on a variety of platforms so you are not driven down a particular because that's all we know, rather, the best path based on your needs. MICRO-MAINFRAME utilizes the best of breed development services utilizing products from Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, IPWorks in addition to components from M-M's own development stable.

Software Consulting

We start every application session with an in-depth analysis of your needs and explore various options before committing to a recommendation. The process involves getting you, the customer, involved in the decision process from the very beginning so that it's your goals that achieved. Every system has trade-offs, whether those be cost versus functionality, presentation versus implementation timelines, speed to market, etc., and M-M wants you to be involved in the decisions that matter.

Software Design

MICRO-MAINFRAME has been developing systems and applications for clients for over 25 years, the average development experience level of our staff exceeds 15 years per person with key developers exceeding that. Your system will not be designed in a vacuum and implemented by contract programmers, rather, MICRO-MAINFRAME will provide direct access to the system designers, programmers and implementation engineers.

Software Implementation

MICRO-MAINFRAME utilizes a variety of tools depending on the needs of the application, how the application is to be presented (e.g. stand-alone PC, Internet application, etc.) and hardware/OS platform in use.

MICRO-MAINFRAME specializes in software design and development for clients both nationally and in Houston, The Woodlands, Texas.

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