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Tech Support, PC Support

MICROMAINFRAME delivers a variety of solutions for IT network, hardware and software needs. We've been doing this for 25 years and you can't do that without supporting what you create and sell.
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Application Development

MICRO-MAINFRAME supplies custom software development services in support of those clients needing solutions not available via purchased applications. MICRO-MAINFRAME follows the three tier development process utilizing ASP and ASP.Net.
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IT Management

MICRO-MAINFRAME has expertise with all Microsoft operating systems and communications servers, We support and maintain Windows Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2007 as well as provide extensive support for prior versions and migrations.
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Enterprise Email Hosting

MICRO-MAINFRAME designs and implements IT solutions utilizing a wide range of computing and information technologies and techniques.
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Server Administration

Infrastructure - Server Rooms

MICRO-MAINFRAME can design and implement all aspects of your server room. Whether your needs are simple or complex, M-M will present you with options appropriate for your scenario and budget.

Should your needs be as simple as a server closet or as complex as as that pictured on the right, M-M can assist will all phases of planning, design, and implementation. All server environments require similar constructs including space, security, environmental (heat, cooling, humidity control), cabling, and electrical power controls. Other factors such as fire, alarms and related items should also be addressed.


M-M will work with your building management or contractors to design, monitor construction and verify the buildout of all aspects of your server room or modificatons to same. We provide direct, hands on services to insure that the basics are all covered and that the additionally identified requisits are incorporated.

Basic to all server rooms or server closets are the following:

  • Proper power for the equipment to be used.
  • Backup power for the above via UPS (battery backup) with or without Generator capacity.
  • Cooling - servers and related equipment generate heat and require proper air flow and cooling for normal operations. Whereas most offices provide adequate airflow and cooling during the day this is often inadequate for servers in a confined space and totally inadequate for operations on weekends or nights, particularly during the summer.
  • physical security ... passwords don't help much is someone removes the equipment.

Some additonal areas of concern include:

  • Fire suppression considerations. Water is effective at fire control but proves a little rough on electrical equipment.
  • Cabling, Telecom and wiring closet access and availability.
  • Humidity control
  • Electrostatic control.

Contact Micro-Mainframe for assistnace in designing, implementing, supporting and administering your server room or network operations.

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